The Definition of Web-to-Print

A common misconception is that the term web-to-print only relates to consumer-based , non-relational internet purchases.

Web-to-print is synonymous with the following phrases:
Online Ordering
Online Ordering Portal
Web Ordering Portal
Online Storefront
Print Storefront
B2B Storefront
B2C Storefront

The definition of web-to-print is the ability for a print or marketing supplier to receive a purchase or quote request from a buyer utilizing a website. Web-to-Print may be Business-to-Business (B2B) or Business-to-Consumer (B2C) transactions. Transactions may be for pieces that have been produced before, or brand new designs.

Whether it be a commercial printer, marketing firm, broker, or in-plant, if you are utilizing a website to accept quotes and orders from print buyers, you are using web-to-print.

Systems often come with an interface to manage incoming print orders with tools to stay organized and keep your customer updated. Many web-to-print systems also integrate with MIS (Management Information Systems).

Web-to-Print Providers, such as PagePath, provide these types of website ordering systems to print and marketing suppliers.

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