MyOrderDesk Web-to-Print ROI Calculator

MyOrderDesk Web-to-Print ROI Calculator

The bottom line success or failure of your printing company boils down to the numbers. Profit, revenue, labor, SPE, profit margin—each of these numbers are powerful indicators of the health of your business. So how can you improve these numbers with a Web-to-Print solution like MyOrderDesk?

Great question! We have created a tool that will help you answer that question. All you need to do is enter how many jobs you receive in a day (an average is ok), and your average employee cost per hour. Instantly our trained accountant breaks out his top of the line abacus and provides you with your hourly savings and cost savings. Amazing, isn’t it!

Our little secret is we may have more than one trained accountant.

Want to know how/where we get these numbers or how MyOrderDesk, as a Web-to-Print tool can improve your bottom line and increase your sales? Click on the button below and we will have an ROI specialist get back to you immediately.

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