Big Win for the Print Shop: PagePath acquires Printer’s Plan

Technology powerhouses, MyOrderDesk and Printer’s Plan, are now under one roof.

PLANO, IL: Two of the printing industry’s most experienced and trusted technology providers, PagePath Technologies, Inc. and SoftUSE, Inc. have reached an agreement under which the Printer’s Plan product, has been acquired by PagePath. This brings the leading Web-to-Print solution, MyOrderDesk, and the gold standard for shop management and MIS, Printer’s Plan, into one organization.

“This industry has richly blessed Tulin and me during the past 37 years,” said Ugur Edev, President of SoftUSE. “It is time for us to retire from daily operations and entrust our customers to someone we know and trust. Since our first discussion, PagePath was always the logical choice. We’ve known Greg Witek, the founder, and CEO of PagePath, for a very long time. And during the recent integration work, we’ve come to know him, his son Adam, and their Servicing team, even better. The clincher was the reputation they have in the print shops. Their customers love them”.

Ugur and Tulin Edev opened a Sir Speedy franchise in 1981 and quickly recognized the need for reliable quoting tools. They soon launched the first version of Printer’s Plan in 1987. Printer’s Plan has continued to lead the industry, growing in capability and customer following ever since. Thousands of print shops have relied on Printer’s Plan to handle job estimating, job tracking, purchasing, costing, billing, and more.

About PagePath: No one in the industry has been transmitting print jobs, and print files longer. Since 1983 PagePath has helped print providers exploit new technology and streamline their businesses — connecting print customers to their print shop and print shops to each other. PagePath has been instrumental in building what we know today as Web-to-Print.  

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Acquisition FAQ

The answer is, “Nothing or everything. You choose.” If you’re happy with the Printer’s Plan system you are running today, relax and enjoy yourself. PagePath has committed to support the existing product for years to come. But if you’re a customer looking for next-generation features and a system to carry you into the future, stay tuned for some exciting advancements.

Similar to the answer above; “Nothing or everything. You choose.” If you’re happy with the MyOrderDesk system you are running today, relax and enjoy yourself. It’s an excellent solution and will continue to grow. And if you’re one of the many MyOrderDesk customers looking to add world-class Shop Management Software, sometimes called “MIS,” Printer’s Plan is now available from and supported by the best Servicing Teams in the industry. One stop shopping. A single-source vendor.

Earlier this year, the owners of MyOrderDesk, PagePath Technologies, Inc. acquired the Printer’s Plan operation from SoftUSE, Inc., including the product names and copyrights, software, offices, and employees. The product names will not change for now. The support teams for both products will remain fully intact.

The best choice for a fully functional Web-to-Print and Shop Management system is one that works from front-to-back, from the online print customer’s job lookup and entry through purchasing and manufacturing, to shipping and invoicing. While the two products are integrated and cooperate nicely today, the future will bring a fully seamless Web-to-Print and Shop Management system.

After considerable research, the similarity of the two companies’ attitudes toward customer satisfaction was startling. The whole process soon became all about, “How does this affect the customer? How can we make this easier and more valuable to the customer?”

Not at all. PagePath intends to fully support all the existing integrations and add more in the future. PagePath’s long-standing posture is to support the products that work best for the customers. Trying to force print shops to buy their solutions from only one vendor just seems short-sighted and anti-customer.

Just the opposite. The owners of Printer’s Plan have wanted to retire, but the ever-increasing interest and success of Printer’s Plan was making this difficult. PagePath has seen record growth with MyOrderDesk and has been interested in expanding its solutions for print shops. It was merely great timing for both — a chance to marry two of the most successful products in the industry and make the print shops more effective in the process.

PagePath pioneered Web-to-Print with MyOrderDesk. SoftUSE was delivering Estimating, MIS, and Job Management before anyone else. No one has been in the game longer, and no software products have a more loyal and satisfied customer base or a more proven track record of building feature sets defined by customers. But our words are just words. Read what MyOrderDesk Customers  or  Printer’s Plan Customers have to say about it.

With these two powerhouses joining forces, it creates the leading front-to-back Web-to-Print, Shop Floor Management, and Print-MIS system. By combining MyOrderDesk and Printer’s Plan, print shops are now assured of the deepest expertise, best possible customer experience, and highest client care.

Use the same number you’ve always called. The Sales, Servicing, and Development teams are all inside the U.S.

There are no plans to rebrand in the near future since both the MyOrderDesk and Printer’s Plan names have been trusted leaders in the industry for decades.