PagePath is proud to announce our private Beta Testing program for the new
Cloud-Hosted Printer’s Plan.

Extensive internal testing is ongoing but we’re ready to accept current Printer’s Plan customers interested in committing to help with testing.

Please read the FAQ below to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lots of reasons. Here’s seven of them:
1. Platform Neutral: Use your Mac, Windows, Tablet, iPad, Mobile Phone, Chromebook, and on and on.
2. Location Neutral: Access Printer’s Plan from anywhere in the world with an internet connection
3. Worry-free backups
4. Faster, no-tech-needed, updates and installation
5. Decreased network complexity
6. Faster resolution to technical issues
7. Zero learning curve, it’s the same Printer’s Plan you know today

No way. Not until you are sold on the massive benefits of a hosted version.

We are still determining pricing that will favor the shop.

Contingent on beta testing results, we expect a controlled release beginning this fall.

We’re all about customer demand.  We listen to our customers! The message from our May survey was clear!  “Get me out from under all these hardware, networking, licensing, and other technology expenses!”

Nope. Printer’s Plan Cloud is a turnkey solution. State of the art security and connectivity are all included from day one.

Cloud-Hosted Printer’s Plan (and your data) are running and stored in a high-tech, high-security, high-availability server farm, right next to companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and more.