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What Is The MyOrderDesk Rewards Program?

Earn up to 1 point for every day of “Job Usage” with your MyOrderDesk website. As Your Points accumulate, your total available points will automatically update, and will be visible within the Administration Menu on your MyOrderDesk website. Your Points can be redeemed for product upgrades, free days, or cool MyOrderDesk swag (coming soon).

  • Your Points are earned for “Job Usage” days, and will not be earned for File Storage or accessing Job History.
  • Your Points can be redeemed for MyOrderDesk components at a comparable value of $1 (US) per point. Your Points have no expiration date, and are NOT redeemable for cash.
  • A maximum of 1 point can be earned for each day of Job Usage, regardless of any branded sites.
  • Your Points can be used for Free Days. You MUST use your entire available point total at once when redeeming for free days.
  • PagePath Technologies, Inc. reserves the right to change and modify this program at any time.
  • Only the Site Owner and Site Administrators can redeem points.
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