Acceptable Use Policy

Customer agrees not to misuse or facilitate others, including but not limited to Customer’s End Users, in the misuse of the Services. For example, misuse could include any of the following:

  • disruption of Services intentionally or unintentionally through any of the following
    • circumvention of security
    • access non-public areas of the Services or areas not authorized
    • interfere with any account, host or network, for example
      • vulnerability scanning except as required for compliance
      • submitting viruses or other malware
      • overloading systems by programmatic means or spamming
  • offer or facilitate the use of Services to third parties via sale, resale, rent, etc., unless explicitly authorized to do so
  • reassign or transfer this agreement to a third party without express written consent
  • reverse engineer Services or any component
  • send or assist in the generation of unsolicited communications (i.e., spam), or deceptive communications
  • violate the law in any fashion
  • infringe on the rights or privacy of others
  • promote pornography, hate speech, or the unauthorized sharing of personally identifiable information (PII)