Do I Need Web-to-Print? 2017-05-08T14:59:56+00:00

OK, REALLY: Do I honestly need Web-to-Print?


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Ah the eternal question:  Do I need Web-to-Print?  Here are a few short questions to help you determine whether you should go down this road, or turn around and run away screaming your head off.  We sincerely hope you make the right choice.  No pressure.

In just 37 short seconds, we will help you to discover your future with regard to your technological choices.  And maybe, just maybe, find the secret sauce that has eluded you these many years.

Christ White, is now W2P Man

W2P-ManChris White, mild-mannered production manager of a small University printshop, was overcome by producteev rays when he implemented MyOrderDesk. Chris was instantly transformed in W2P Man and now travels the shop saving time, money and man-hours.

He still needs to practice leaping a digital press in a single bound, but no one is holding that against him.