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Our Demonstration Site

Now you want to see all of this for yourself, and we totally get that. Here’s the thing. The absolutely BEST way to get a crystal clear, 360 degree view of all the power of MyOrderDesk is to schedule a demo with one of our demo-magicians.  Heck, we’ll even buy you a cup of coffee for your trouble (and by “buy you a cup of coffee” we mean we’ll email you a Starbucks e-card.)  Click on the “Guided Demo” button now and one of our friendly demo magicians will be in touch with you as fast as you can say abracadabra.

Guided Demo

However, if you are a total lone wolf and want to do this alone, we will open the curtains for you. What follows here should make some sense, and if and when you get stuck, just give us a shout any way you like, and we’ll help make it clearer.

What you are about to see is an example of what a printers’ site might look like using many of the features of MyOrderDesk Web-to-Print. A few of the magical features are:

  • Variable Data Merging
  • Online Design
  • Instant Pricing
  • Catalog and Inventory Management
  • Smart, Interactive Order Forms
  • A Disappearing Elephant
  • A Whole Boatload more
MyOrderDesk Demo Site
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