Six ways to put your print business on the road to success


It is Wednesday. Halfway through the week, and I don't know about you, but I tend to drag a bit. I get excited that the weekend is closer, but I also realize that my Google task list has not lessened and the email box is still pretty full. If you suffer from a case of [...]

The zen of working with THEM


When it comes to grumbling in the office, the experts say, more people grumble about their co-workers than complain about their jobs. Some don't approve of the co-worker who spends a lot of time going from desk to desk to visit and gossip. Others say a workaholic is most aggravating because he or she is [...]

What employees want more than money


Here is what the top workplace consultants say employees want more than money. Geoffrey James, author of "Business Without the Bullsh*t" (to be published in 2014), writes that employees: Want to respect the boss. They want it from the boss, but they also need to believe their boss is a leader who deserves their own [...]

Creating Buyer Personas for Better Print Marketing

2017-05-08T15:01:34+00:00 Joe Kern from PagePath Technologies talks about the importance of developing buyer personas in print marketing. This is an excerpt from a presentation at the 2013 ICED Conference.  

What is Inbound Marketing for Printers?

2017-05-08T15:01:35+00:00 Joe Kern from PagePath Technologies teaches about Inbound Marketing for Printers. This is an excerpt from a presentation at the 2013 ICED Conference. "I Love Print" Video referenced in the presentation. (Click Here)

Are You Surprising Your Print Customers?


Researchers have found that our brains like surprises. Especially happy ones. What are you doing right now that will “wow” your customers and get them talking about you? Everyone has seen or heard news reports of celebrity gossip that has "gone viral." The trick for your printing firm is to say something or offer something [...]

How can an actor’s audition help your print sales?


Julie Hansen, in  her article "ACT Like a Sales Pro," points out 4 key concepts that can help you on your next print sales call.Your best role as a seller is yourself. Be authentic and be genuine. Buyers will see through an "act."But there is a way you are like an actor: You often must [...]

Speaking Like a Leader Improves Print Productivity


Communication skills are vital to those who manage any area of a  printing firm, and the language of leadership is different than everyday speech, one expert says. According to management consultant Brian Evje of Slalom Consulting, managers can maximize their effectiveness by minimizing these common speaking flaws. His tips: Know the purpose. One of your [...]

Printing Sales as a 3 Step Process


Sales can be broken down to 3 steps: planning, execution and tenacity. Planning “If you fail to plan – you plan to fail.“  Zig Ziglar Before you start, do the numbers and write out your plan of attack. Make sure the business plan has the costs covered; there is nothing worse than making a sale [...]