[Webinar] Can you really sell print with Social Media?


Using Social Networks to sell has been a hot topic since sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn emerged. If you’re in a print sales profession, you understand that many buying processes can occur before a salesperson gets involved. Utilizing social media, your customers can educate themselves about your company, their business needs and then [...]

Practical Guide to Selling Web-to-Print Webinar


Join Matthew Parker from Profitable Print Relationships, Kelly Mallozzi from Success in Print, and Joe Kern from MyOrderDesk for a free webinar that will teach print sales people, owners and customer service reps how to sell online ordering and Web-to-Print to their clients. Topics will include: Why it’s so important to sell W2P the right [...]

[Webinar] Good story telling beats good selling in print


Stories are a powerful tool for persuading people. They are easier to understand than statistics, and when presented well, are much more engaging. And it turns out that telling stories really does work. Joe Kern, Vice President of Marketing for MyOrderDesk, and Kelly Mallozzi, sales coach, magazine and blog writer, and part-time mother of two [...]

Webinar: Become a Super Hero in Print Sales and Marketing


The world is buzzing with the soon-to-be released second movie in the Avengers series. Once again we get to visit the world of Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow and more. Diving deeper into the realm of superheroes, we find we can learn an amazing amount about print sales. In this newest Webinar from [...]

Going Beyond Customer Loyalty (Webinar)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1u3ZE_KQEc&feature=youtu.be Joe Kern, Vice President of Marketing for PagePath Technologies shares strategies on how to move beyond customer loyalty and solidify relationships with clients and prospects.