What does Autumn make you think about?


The days are getting shorter and it is quickly becoming "excellent sleeping weather" here in the midwest. This is one of my favorite times of the year, primarily because I have great memories of my fall days growing up in Michigan. Michigan is one of the top producers of apples in America (take THAT, [...]

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MyOrderDesk’s Newest Releases-October 2015


Docket Manager Integration Looking for frontend to backend workflow in your shop? DocketManager, one of today’s leading cloud-based MIS solutions, now integrates with MyOrderDesk.  Orders placed through MyOrderDesk will be automatically imported into DocketManager for job ticket creation, management and invoicing. There is no better way to save you time and keystrokes. For additional information, [...]

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Avoiding Walled Gardens In Web to Print (W2P)


Walled Gardens, also known as Closed Platforms, is a software system where the service provider blocks 3rd party integrations. The goal of this practice is to lock the consumer into using products and services from a single vendor. Generally this strategy works only for the larger vendors that already have a significant user base and [...]

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What is your sales/business story?


MyOrderDesk wants to know your story. Developing a sales/brand story is an important part of the sales process. Honing, practicing and sharing that story is crucial. As a print community, we want to help. Post your story (simple or complex) in the comments below. Others can review and help tweak/tune that story for you. Let [...]

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10+ Ways to Keep Customers Loyal


Friday, August 8, 2014 • 11:00am Central     These days it doesn’t take much for a customer to start looking elsewhere, especially around year end, when new revenue goals and budgets are being set for the coming year. So now is the time to reach out and start solidifying relationships with clients, and building [...]

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Going Beyond Customer Loyalty


Want to retain more customers? Download our Free eBook Drawing on over 60 years of combined experience in the printing industry, PagePath Technologies has developed an eBook to assist Print and Marketing Service Providers in building greater relationships with their clients and prospects. This free book will offer insight on how important it is to [...]

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Lessons You Need to Learn From Your Sales Team


Getting your marketing efforts aligned with your sales staff can be challenging. Often we get wrapped up in our own world and tasks, and fail to see the work and goals of others around us. Stepping back from time to time and reviewing others in our company can be beneficial in making you better in [...]

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Sources of Inspiration for Email Marketing


Looking for that killer email marketing campaign? Running out of ideas? It isn't easy. After a while, the same old content feels old, overused. If you've been pulling ideas and links from the same places for a while, it's hard to think new content sources. Lucky for you, the best places for you to look [...]

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[Infographic] What influences a purchaser’s decision to buy?


* Infographic Source: HubSpot The top factor driving purchasing decision (56%) is product quality. The most important store features driving purchasing decision (80%) is competitive pricing. 62% of buyers research big-ticket items in-shop before buying online. 9 out of 10 users say they watch videos about the products they may buy. The most shopped for [...]

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