Four Sales Questions to Ask Yourself-SASW with Bill & Kelly


Below are the videos in the Short Attention Span Webinar series, "Four Sales Questions to Ask Yourself." Bill Farquharson and Kelly Mallozzi offer excellent sales tips on how to effectively ask yourself, "How am I doing?" How would I rate my new business activity? Is my existing business safe? Am I doing [...]

How do we explain a screw up?-SASW with Bill & Kelly


Today's Short Attention Span Webinar looks at dealing with Screw-ups. When you have bad news to deliver, what is the best way to deliver it to your customer? Bill and Kelly offer suggestions on the best way to approach clients when good things go bad. FREE Resources Take the Sales Assessment test. Receive free personalized [...]

I could sell more if people called back-SASW with Bill & Kelly


Bill and Kelly are back! Here is the third video in the series, "Four Sales Excuses" in which Bill Farquharson and Kelly Mallozzi debunk four often used sales excuses as to why I am not selling more. I could sell more if people called back   FREE Resources Take the Sales Assessment test. Receive free personalized [...]

Why aren’t you selling more? Four amazing videos with Bill & Kelly


Bill and Kelly are back! And we have 4 videos for you. Watch each of the 4 Short Attention Span Webinars and get the answer to the question, "Why aren't you selling more?" High Quality Sales Call Target Market Prospecting Process Diligence FREE Resources Take [...]

The 6 Best Sales Philosophies Ever from Bill & Kelly


Bill's Journal.... 89 days ago my youngest daughter, Madeline Priscilla, stepped off a plane from Shanghai after finishing her sophomore year. I remember thinking, "Wow, she doesn't leave for 90 days. That's a long way off!" Well, tomorrow night my NYU world student heads to Ghana for her next adventure. UGH! The mixture of happiness [...]

Regaining the Lost Account from Bill & Kelly


Bill's Journal.... I'm sitting at Gate 28 in Washington, awaiting departure of yet another delayed flight. Anyone who says, "You're so lucky that you get to travel so much" doesn't travel that much. Long day ahead, then a weekend of nothing, if I can help it. New this week Happy 20th birthday to Madeline Priscilla [...]

The Sales Waiting Game from Bill & Kelly


Bill's Journal.... OMG, it's August 1 tomorrow! I'm trying not to think about the fact that my daughters head back to college but I am excited for them: Madeline flies to NYU Ghana in two weeks and Emma is starting her final semester at Quinnipiac before heading to the left coast. Must. Enjoy. Every. [...]

How to Overcome an Objection from Bill & Kelly


Goooood morning! This week's Short Attention Span Webinar is posted. Watch it now! Ugh! What a terrible prospecting week I had. After a week where I made nearly 20 prospecting calls, I think I got in 2 or 3 this week. I need to think about why that is. Oh, well. At least the [...]