Practical Guide to Selling Web-to-Print Webinar


Join Matthew Parker from Profitable Print Relationships, Kelly Mallozzi from Success in Print, and Joe Kern from MyOrderDesk for a free webinar that will teach print sales people, owners and customer service reps how to sell online ordering and Web-to-Print to their clients. Topics will include: Why it’s so important to sell W2P the right [...]

3 ways to make sure your customers stay engaged with you-without cold calling


Can you imagine a busy newsroom? Reporters are frantically chasing up stories on the phone.  The place is noisy with the clattering of computer keyboards.  Above all, there is a sense of urgency. The pages for the next edition must be filled on deadline. Printers should think of their marketing like writing a newspaper In [...]

How to increase your print sales by over 20% at no cost


I have suddenly saved myself an hour a week. I discovered a new short cut recently on the route to one of my clients.  I never knew it existed before.  And now it’s a great feeling that I’m saving lots of time. Print companies also have the opportunity to improve results easily.  The easiest way [...]

Why the best print sales people think about scaffolding


Do you ever worry that you will get crushed by falling scaffolding? Many people refuse to walk under scaffolding, just in case.  They make a point of walking around all scaffolding.  But the chances of being pulverised by steel bars is pretty small. Scaffolding installations have to be built according to a strict process.  There’s [...]

Printers: three negotiation skills that will raise your profit margins by over 5%


Does your print sales team negotiate as well as they should do? I remember meeting the director of a printing company.  He had asked me train his print sales team in negotiation.  “Matthew,” he said, “they give way too easily.” The sales team were allowed to negotiate to a certain level.  And the director was [...]

Three essential ways to save yourself from print sales extinction


“Are they very old Daddy?” My young daughter is fascinated by dinosaurs at the moment.  There’s nothing more she’d like to see than a dinosaur flying by!  I have to remind her that they are extinct. Some print sales people are also almost extinct Do you remember the old school sales rep?  The one who [...]

Printers: the three questions that will raise your quote conversion rates by over 10%


The Olympics came to the UK in 2012! Winning a gold medal is the sports person’s dream.  So there was a lot of training going on back then.  After all, the more training they did the more likely the sports person is to win that gold medal.  It makes sense:  the more effort you put [...]

The three feedback questions printers must ask their customers – do YOU use them?


Did you fear the end of term report at school?  I used to hate seeing what my school teachers had written about me! One teacher always used to write “Could do better”.  The trouble was that he never told me how I could do better.  And I never learned, because I never asked the right [...]