Want to be smarter, more creative, more motivated? Get enough sleep!


Have you heard them bragging about it? Managers, workers and business people of all stripes are telling about their 16-hour days. They try to make it sound like a way to get ahead. Inc. Magazine's Jason Fried thinks this message is one of the most harmful in all business. He says sustained exhaustion is a [...]

Practical Guide to Selling Web-to-Print Webinar


Join Matthew Parker from Profitable Print Relationships, Kelly Mallozzi from Success in Print, and Joe Kern from MyOrderDesk for a free webinar that will teach print sales people, owners and customer service reps how to sell online ordering and Web-to-Print to their clients. Topics will include: Why it’s so important to sell W2P the right [...]

The secrets of how to be a better print manager


Most surveys show that people generally leave their jobs because they don't like their boss. When the relationship is bad, everything is bad. To build better relationships with workers, psychologist A.J. Schuler, writing in Inc. magazine, says: Go on listening tours. Learn what people like about their jobs and what they don't like very much. [...]

Back to the Future…of Printing


As I am sure you all know by now, today is "Back to the Future Day." October 21, 2015, a day that will live in movie infamy. In the movie "Back to the Future 2," Doc Brown and Marty McFly travel from 1985 to this day in the future. It is a time of flying [...]

Our Gift in Honor of International Print Day 15 #IPD15


Use MyOrderDesk Free Until the End of the Year Oct 14, 2015 is International Print Day HELP PRINT TREND THE PLANET! JOIN US FOR #IPD15 ON OCTOBER 14, 2015 Declare Your LOVE for Print and Participate in 24-Hours of Open Global Knowledge Sharing Through Social Media! read more [...]