New Features: Guest Checkout, Facebook Sign In, and Payment Methods


New Features: Guest Checkout, Facebook Sign In, and Payment Methods It's Christmas in July! Below you'll find a summary of the new features added to all MyOrderDesk websites. The MyOrderDesk Sign In screen has received a face lift. The new look helps the Sign In page fit nicely on all screens including mobile and tablet devices. [...]

Association of College and University Printers (ACUP) 2016


MyOrderDesk had the honor again this year to be represented at the ACUP 2016 Conference in New Mexico. The Association of College and University Printers exists to promote and establish communication opportunities for individual’s employed at and / or retired from colleges and universities within the in-plant printing and mailing industry. They foster [...]

Our Gift in Honor of International Print Day 15 #IPD15


Use MyOrderDesk Free Until the End of the Year Oct 14, 2015 is International Print Day HELP PRINT TREND THE PLANET! JOIN US FOR #IPD15 ON OCTOBER 14, 2015 Declare Your LOVE for Print and Participate in 24-Hours of Open Global Knowledge Sharing Through Social Media! read more [...]

Indianapolis Printer’s Business Racing Ahead with MyOrderDesk


In 1931, Harold and Vivian Moeller started a local print shop in Indianapolis, Indiana. After 84 years, the family-owned business is still operating to this day, and is in the good hands of Chuck Moeller (pictured left, in center), Harold and Vivian’s Grandson. Carrying on his Grandparents’ tradition, Chuck relies upon excellent service and [...]

For Release: PagePath Releases Design Online Web-to-Print Tool


Plano, IL April 15, 2015: PagePath Technologies, Inc. has announced the beta release of its new Design Online/Print UI Solution. Print Service Providers (PSPs) need a Web-to-Print solution that provides online convenience, design flexibility, and control over customers’ brand image. Now MyOrderDesk can enable PSPs to give customers access to the best interactive online designer [...]

MyOrderDesk Release Notes – March 26, 2015


The following items have been updated or released to the MyOrderDesk Web-to-Print solution. Design Online with InDesign Integration (beta) Upload .indd templates directly to MyOrderDesk for customization by your users Advanced ezMerge Updates Added overprint, and tint options for templates Proof Security options have been added for ezMerge proof files Added text alignment control for [...]

[Training Video] Welcome to MyOrderDesk

2017-05-08T15:00:39+00:00 The steps in this video should be used by all new MyOrderDesk administrators to become acquainted with the system. By the end of this video you should be able to comfortably navigate around the basic MyOrderDesk options. We will review: 1 - Setting up Employees 2 - Order Forms 3 - The Order Page [...]

MyOrderDesk is turning 15!


MyOrderDesk was launched in 2000 as the industry’s first web-to-print solution. Since our launch we have helped thousands of Printers produce millions of jobs through our cost effective and simple-to-use web interface. To celebrate this milestone AND thank you for your support, we present you with this invitation to be part of the celebration! The [...]