Best Practices for Building Online Engagement


The content driven web is growing like gangbusters.  As a printing professional, it’s your job to get people to engage with your company.  Engaging your prospects increases loyalty and can serve as a source of free promotion.  Printers need to understand that a strong marketing community is measured by engagement and not how large your [...]

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What employees want more than money


Here is what the top workplace consultants say employees want more than money. Geoffrey James, author of "Business Without the Bullsh*t" (to be published in 2014), writes that employees: Want to respect the boss. They want it from the boss, but they also need to believe their boss is a leader who deserves their own [...]

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Delaying your implementation of Web-to-Print could cost you the Print firm.


It’s no secret that the print industry is going through the largest consolidation and rebuild it’s ever seen. If you’ve been anywhere near print in the last 8 years, you know that nothing is certain and almost everything is in a state of flux. We see it all too often: print businesses are downsizing, costs [...]

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What is Inbound Marketing for Printers?

2017-05-08T15:01:35+00:00 Joe Kern from PagePath Technologies teaches about Inbound Marketing for Printers. This is an excerpt from a presentation at the 2013 ICED Conference. "I Love Print" Video referenced in the presentation. (Click Here)

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How Should Printers Market Themselves?


This past week, I had the distinct pleasure of sitting with a few of my peers at Print 13 to discuss how printers should be marketing themselves. It was a great panel. I was honored to be sitting with such intelligent people in the industry. This roundtable event was sponsored by the LinkedIn Group "Market [...]

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Are You Surprising Your Print Customers?


Researchers have found that our brains like surprises. Especially happy ones. What are you doing right now that will “wow” your customers and get them talking about you? Everyone has seen or heard news reports of celebrity gossip that has "gone viral." The trick for your printing firm is to say something or offer something [...]

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Three reasons your emails are being ignored


In a perfect world, every e-mail we send to a potential print client would be read and get a response right immediately. The unfortunate part is that most potential clients are too busy to even look at all their e-mails, much less act on them. With some simple tweaks, eliciting a response in 20 seconds [...]

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