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2016 Fun facts about America’s favorite summertime treat


2016 Fun facts about America's favorite summertime treat Call it a dog, sausage or frankfurter, it's been around since before the 9th century BC. Homer's Odyssey refers to a man by a roaring fire waiting impatiently for his sausage to cook. In the centuries that followed, many references to the sausage are recorded throughout history. [...]

Want to be smarter, more creative, more motivated? Get enough sleep!


Have you heard them bragging about it? Managers, workers and business people of all stripes are telling about their 16-hour days. They try to make it sound like a way to get ahead. Inc. Magazine's Jason Fried thinks this message is one of the most harmful in all business. He says sustained exhaustion is a [...]

PagePath Honors those that have given their lives


May 30, 2016 Post a message on our Memorial Wall (in the comments below) in honor of someone that has given their life. Memorial Day is a federal holiday observed annually in the United States on the last Monday of May. Formerly known as Decoration Day, it originated after the American Civil [...]

Association of College and University Printers (ACUP) 2016


MyOrderDesk had the honor again this year to be represented at the ACUP 2016 Conference in New Mexico. The Association of College and University Printers exists to promote and establish communication opportunities for individual’s employed at and / or retired from colleges and universities within the in-plant printing and mailing industry. They foster [...]

[Webinar Recording] Can you sell printing with Social Media?


Once you have finished watching the Webinar, click the button below to tell us what you thought. It will only take about 18 seconds (we have timed it with trained porpoises). What have you got to lose? Take the Survey Using Social Networks to sell has been a hot topic since [...]

[Webinar] Can you really sell print with Social Media?


Using Social Networks to sell has been a hot topic since sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn emerged. If you’re in a print sales profession, you understand that many buying processes can occur before a salesperson gets involved. Utilizing social media, your customers can educate themselves about your company, their business needs and then [...]

Practical Guide to Selling Web-to-Print Webinar


Join Matthew Parker from Profitable Print Relationships, Kelly Mallozzi from Success in Print, and Joe Kern from MyOrderDesk for a free webinar that will teach print sales people, owners and customer service reps how to sell online ordering and Web-to-Print to their clients. Topics will include: Why it’s so important to sell W2P the right [...]