Get to Know PagePath

PagePath Technologies, Inc. was founded by Gregory Witek in 1983 to assist Fortune 500 in-house PSPs with forms management; tracking jobs through the production process; and integrating production data with legacy accounting and billing systems. This work soon grew to include planning and installation of network infrastructure, as well as connecting some of the very first Xerox DocuTech and Kodak Lionheart digital presses.

Sounds complex, and it was.

PagePath’s dedicated team are experts at connecting the customer to the print service provider, and multiple PSPs to each other. PagePath was instrumental in some of the earliest Web-to-Print systems, including designing, building and operating the technical center for the Worldwide Electronic Publishing Network (WEPN) owned by 35 large quick printers. The network was built to scale from slow dial-up connections (remember those?) all the way to T1 lines. It utilized the first commercial version of Eudora e-mail, as well as the first version of Netscape; both were revolutionary for their time. Dang, we have been around a long time.

In 1995, PagePath developed LAUNCH!, the leading suite of file transfer software for the printing industry. The LAUNCH! family of products enabled PSPs to receive job files from customers modem-to-modem, over the Internet using FTP, or via a private network. The ASAP! file transfer software was added in 1998.

A few other amazing things about us

PagePath is Committed to Client Profitability: Helping each client, one-at-a-time, become the most productive and profitable printer in their market. We accomplish this by being a strategic partner with each client and through the delivery of specific tools, techniques, and resources.
Our clients often tell us that we are versatile and we listen closely to them. If you read our vision statement above, you will know why we listen. If you didn’t read it, stop now and give it a look. We love printing. We love our customers. We love making them profitable.
Can you feel the love? Here are just a few comments we have heard from our clients.

  • Because of MyOrderDesk, I was able to secure and build a fence around my largest clients.
  • With MyOrderDesk, I was able to extend my reach of sales nationwide. It was a huge boom for my sales.
  • With the combination of ease of online ordering and the spread of the workflow, we grew our sales by 50% in a three-year period.

Our Crazy Skills

Site Up Time 99%
Customer Satisfaction 98%
General Awesomeness 100%
Marshmallow Roasting 71%

Hey, we can’t be great at everything.