PagePath Waives Printer’s Plan Annual Maintenance Fees

PagePath’s first post-acquisition surprise: No more annual fees for Printer’s Plan

PLANO, IL:  A few weeks ago PagePath Technologies announced its acquisition of the industry-leading print estimating and job management tool, Printer’s Plan. Read more here:

Today, PagePath made its first major announcement and a glimpse into the benefits of the acquisition. Printer’s Plan Annual Support and Update fees will be waived for many customers using PagePath’s online ordering and web-to-print solution, MyOrderDesk.

“Printers want a front-to-back solution that eliminates touch points and redundant data entry. MyOrderDesk already integrates with Printer’s Plan but we’re working hard to make it even stronger. This new policy won’t surprise any of our current customers who’ve already experienced our customer-first attitude. It just makes sense to offer this loyalty benefit.”, said Gregory Witek, CEO of PagePath.  He added, “This is a big deal, saving some customers more than $2,000 every year”!

Reach out to us now to find out if you qualify.

About PagePath: No one in the industry has been transforming the playing field and transmitting/managing print jobs and print files longer. Since 1983 PagePath has helped print-providers exploit the latest technology, streamline, and boost their profitability — connecting print customers to print shops and print shops to each other. PagePath has been instrumental in building what we know today as Web-to-Print.  

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