I’ve been a volunteer firefighter for almost 15 years and a web-to-print guru for 8. Odd combination, huh?

There’s a popular saying in the fire service that goes something like this:

“The first 5 minutes are worth the next 5 hours.”

Translation: A significant home/structure fire can last 5 hours to extinguish and overhaul. If you don’t take your time and make good decisions in the first 5 minutes, it’s going to be a rough 5 hours. Bad or wrong decisions compound quickly.

Firefighters train a lot! This helps us think quickly and make the right decision in the heat of the moment.

It’s incredible how closely that relates to launching a web-to-print website.

(Pictured in the red helmet at a recent training fire) 
I’ve tweaked the phrase for implementing web-to-print:
“The first 3 months are worth the next 13 years”

Take a look at the software you are using today – a lot of it is 5, 10, even 15+ years old.

Here are 3 tips to make sure your web-to-print implementation gets off the ground.

1. Create 3 phases with corresponding launch dates. Once you start to learn everything your web-to-print system can do, you will want to utilize it all right away! DON’T!

Plan 3 separate roll-out phases with separate launch dates. Items not critical to phase 1, need to be planned for either phase 2 or 3. We recommend your first phase launching within 90 calendar days (about 60 business days). Treat this like a marathon, not a sprint.

2. Start Small. Choose 3-5 simple items that get ordered ALL the time. Your first goal should be to win the hearts of your users. Make it fast and easy for them to order and they will fuel your fire to keep pushing forward and add more products to your storefront.

3. Don’t go into the fire alone. Get the core people in your shop onboard with your efforts and accomplish the goal as a team. Get their feedback and thoughts along the way, and you’ll find they are much more willing to adopt the new workflow when it comes time.

Check out our free Web-to-Print ROI Calculator here: https://www.PagePath.com/roi-calculator