Would you start a customer relationship by tricking someone into to calling you? “Gotcha!” is no basis for a long-term connection. It’s just flat-out insincere, not to mention borderline dishonest.

So then why do you insist on calling a prospect and saying, “Hi, Bill, this is Jennifer. Please call me. I’ve got a question for you.”?

This is a common and popular voice mail approach that I’ve suddenly heard in my coaching calls and it really concerns me.

First of all, do you really think the customer is that stupid and can be so easily tricked? Second, if they do call, how jacked do you think they will be once they find out you are a sales rep trying to, amongst other things, earn their trust?

Voice mail messages as a part of the prospecting process do not get returned. Give up. Sure, leave a message, but use VM as an audition and a chance to demonstrate your professionalism, not to lower yourself to the level of a Nigerian Prince burdened by excess cash.

Bait and switch is not the right way to approach sales. Take this technique, which I actually hear used quite frequently, and toss it aside. Instead, put on your Big Sales pants and give the contact a reason to remember you.

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