Bill Farquharson’s Print Sales Tip for the week of January 11, 2016

I have a big, happy, jovial friend named Lee Maxey. Lee is the kind of guy who is hard to forget. He is bright and energetic and always on the go. The guy plays golf like a Scotsman who thinks he is paying by the hour. Good luck keeping up with him!

Lee has a fantastic habit that I wanted to share with you today as I think it’s a great sales tip. Every time he sees someone that he recognizes and walks over to say hello, if there is any question that this person doesn’t remember Lee’s name, he introduces himself. Almost always, the response is, “Of course I remember you, Lee.”

Whether that’s true or not is in question.

Have you ever been to a trade show where you meet someone who’s face you recognize but whose name you just can’t place? You desperately hope that he or she looks away so that you can fire a glance at the name tag. Murphy’s Law, however, kicks in and makes certain that the name tag is facing inward. One way around this? Introduce yourself.

Most people will tell you that their terrible with names. Chances are, the person that you are meeting and greeting is terrible with names just like you are. Take them off the hook and make them feel at ease by remembering this sales tip.

It probably won’t help you with their name, but it will earn you some brownie points.


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Bill Farquharson
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