Recently, a prospect told me that they didn’t think they needed an online ordering web-to-print website because all of their customer’s either called or emailed their orders. I think that’s a great idea if you own a pizza restaurant, but not so much if you own a printshop.

I think it might be helpful to cook up a picture of how successful printers are using MyOrderDesk online ordering.

Starting with their most important customers first, printers put their customer’s products on the website so they can be ordered and tracked through the website by both the print shop employees and the customers.

This saves printers time by decreasing the amount of phone calls and emails asking about the status of an order or managing a reorder. It also eliminates miscommunication through email.

This makes printers more money by making the customer feel as though they’re in control of their storefront and a HIGH percentage of customers do more business when given an online ordering solution. Who doesn’t love double the dough?

This retains current customers no one can argue that the world is ordering more and more products through websites, and relationships along with brand loyalty is being created through great online experiences. If you’re not offering online ordering to your customers, I guarantee your competition is, and your customers are at a higher risk of going somewhere else.

You can see, that after you have a well tuned website for accepting orders and managing print jobs, the website acts like a full time worker. It saves you time, makes you money, and retains your customers when used correctly. We’ve seen it time and time again and we’re here to connect all those pieces together for our customers. I work at PagePath because I believe we can create this success better than any other service out there. Still with me?

To address our pay-as-you-grow pricing model: What’s great about our pricing model is that while you’re getting your site ramped up, you’re not getting dished a monthly fee. Online ordering through a website is a snowball effect for printers, you start small and grow it. That’s why we implemented the “pay-as-you-grow” model.

You pay for the features that you need today, so that you can grow them, and we become more successful as you become more successful.

Whether your slice of the pie is big or small, it cannot  be argued that a web-to-print online ordering website can sauce up your operation. Now that’s cheesy.