Bill Farquharson’s Print Sales Tip for the week of November 23, 2015

Good morning!

Every once in a while I come across an idea for a sales tips but as I commit the thought paper I think to myself, “Duh. That’s one’s obvious.”

But the list kept growing and I got thinking to myself, maybe there is a need for some obvious (a.k.a. “Duh”) sales tips. So, with the help of my daughters who are currently spread out in different parts of the world, and the fabulous Kelly Mallozzi who is deeply embedded in Connecticut, here we go:

  1. Don’t be late for an appointment! — Some people are chronically tardy and that can be everything from a character flaw to downright annoying, depending on your upbringing and gender. But if you are in sales and you show up after the start of the scheduled appointment, you are sending a message to the customer. Do it enough and the client will start to wonder about your ability to hit your delivery dates. So my first obvious sales tip to you is, don’t be late.
  2. Communicate! — We live in a world where if you order something online, a tracking number appears immediately. This was once an extraordinary event but has now become expected. Don’t let the client twist in the wind and wonder what his job status is. A client calling and asking, “When is my job going to ship?” is a sign of failure on your part. Get out ahead of the customer. Communicate.
  3. Return messages immediately! — Unless you are on vacation or in a coma, there is no excuse for not getting back to someone pronto regardless of whether the call came from a customer or an associate or a fellow employee. Even if you shoot off an email to let someone know that you got their message and will call them back in an hour, that’s better than nothing.
  4. Dress to impress! — Despite the fact that we don’t have as much face time with customers as we used to, it remains important be presentable. Do you remember this sales tip…well, don’t make me dress like that again just to make my point: Spend some money on some clothes, make sure they are clean, and you will make a better impression.
  5. Use a breath mint! — No one thinks that they’ve got bad breath. You may have arrived for work all clean and minty fresh, but as the day goes on, you have developed a terminal case of halitosis. If you have a meeting coming up with a client, break out the Altoids and do the world a favor.

Well, that’s the first five. Yes, another five awaits you next week. What, you thought I would stop here? Duh!


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