Bill Farquharson’s Print Sales Tip for the week of November 16, 2015

Good morning!

If you were lucky enough, like I was, to get a job selling for a company that invested in training, you sat through days of learning how to gain access to power, manage your time, and overcome objections before heading out into the field to conquer the unknown.

From that point, your education became more real-world as you applied what you learned, made your mistakes, and improved every day. Your time in the classroom, however, diminished as you got busier, more successful, and because the options for training dried-up.

Doctors, nurses, lawyers, financial planners, and anyone who wants to be the best of the best must continue to seek out new skills and tactics. We are coming into the time of year where you might have a day or two to, as Stephen Covey puts it, sharpen the saw.

Simply put: You don’t know what you don’t know. As much as it irks me that Buyers no longer have open office hours, is equally frustrating that Salespeople are shut down to the thought that there is a different way to get ‘er done. So here is an exercise for you:

Grab a piece of paper and answer this question: “Why am I not selling more?” Then, rank your list of answers, starting with the most likely culprits. Next, think of someone that you know who does that thing really well. He or she is your new mentor in that area. Study them. Interview them. Find out how they got so good.

Sure, you should be reading self-improvement books and seeking out sales coaches and improving your skills in every traditional way. But consider this: Every problem you are having as a salesperson or selling owner has been solved by someone else. Go find that person, gain that skill, and then move on to the next answer on your list.


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