The days are getting shorter and it is quickly becoming “excellent sleeping weather” here in the midwest. This is one of my favorite times of the year, primarily because I have great memories of my fall days growing up in Michigan.

masthead_cider_donutsMichigan is one of the top producers of apples in America (take THAT, Washington State!), and when you have apple orchards you also have cider mills and hot, fresh donuts.  I have NO idea what the correlation is with apples and donuts, but for some reason, they are often mentioned at the same time (like I just did in the previous sentence).  At school, the teachers would start replacing their “back to school” signage with Halloween items, including those silly cats with the big eyes, hunched back, and legs on grommets that can be oddly positioned on a bulletin board. If it weren’t for the fall, I would not know what a “cornucopia” is and of course, we all became familiar with Pilgrims, and their unique dining habits with Native Americans.

The ONE thing I love most about autumn however, is color. A number of years ago, my wife and I had the pleasure of visiting my sister in upstate New York in the peak of the fall color season. While the colors in Michigan are always awesome, these colors in New York State were awesome “times infinity”. We found ourselves standing on the top of a mountain at Lake Placid, amazed at what we saw laid in front of us. It is something that is hard to explain, but MUST be experienced in person.

footballOf course, I can’t talk about the fall season without mentioning football.  In high school, we would march in the band at half time, and cheer for our team on the field.  In college, we would sit in the stadium with our fellow students and hope our team pulled out a victory over the big rival, and now, we do all of the above, with the addition of a fantasy team thrown in for good measure. Yep… this is one of my favorite times of the year.