Docket Manager Integration

Looking for frontend to backend workflow in your shop? DocketManager, one of today’s leading cloud-based MIS solutions, now integrates with MyOrderDesk.  Orders placed through MyOrderDesk will be automatically imported into DocketManager for job ticket creation, management and invoicing. There is no better way to save you time and keystrokes. For additional information, schedule a demo by clicking here.


Virtual Systems – Midnight Integration

Virtual Systems is another powerful cloud-based MIS solution, their product Midnight is a web based management software for printers, mailers and wide format shops. MyOrderDesk now integrates with Virtual Systems and new job information submited online  is instantly transferred to Midnight for processing. For additional information, schedule a demo by clicking here.


DocMart Pricing Tables

MyOrderDesk recently released a new tool for calculating prices on DocMart items (static or inventoried). The new tool assists printers in creating custom incremental pricing (or tables) based on the quantity being ordered. The new feature also supports importing & exporting of tables via Excel files as well as sharing tables between multiple items.


Pre-Populated Shipping/Billing Information

During the checkout process, you might require users to input Ship To and Bill To information. We’ve added the ability to create pre-built addresses for users to select. It’s a great tool for limiting where orders can be shipped and billed.


Auto-fill custom payment method fields during checkout

Our shopping cart system has the flexibility to offer customer fields to be completed at the check-out process. MyOrderDesk has added the ability to automatically fill those fields with data from the client’s profile.


Added Fields to the Report builder

Reports can now display Payment Methods as well as data from custom fields. This tool can be used for determining which department to bill and capture account codes without user interaction.


Our New Website

Go check it out! We think it  rocks. So will you.


Improved Approval Process

Users submitting orders that require approval will receive a pop-up warning before am email notifications is sent to the approver(s).


DocMart Low Inventory View

There is a new checkbox in DocMart that will show all items that are below their designated re-order points.


Replace text on the Add To Cart button

We’ve added the ability to change the text on the “Add To Cart” button to anything you’d like.


Ability to auto-fill GroupID on an Order Form

When used in conjunction with SmartForms, this combination gives the ability to show/hide different items and resources to users depending on which group they are assigned to. An example would be 3 different departments needing access to 3 different groups of logos.


My Charges screen updated

We’ve made it easier to find out why your daily rate might have been triggered for a specific day.


Printnewz email newsletter subject can now be changed

If you subscribe to our Printnewz service, you now have the ability to customize the subject.


Change end-user email addresses

The ability to change an end user’s email address has been added to the system. Open the user inside Users & Groups and select Change Password.


Remove Ship To and/or Bill To information collection during checkout

When your clients check-out, there is now a control that allows you to turn-off the collecting of  shipping and billing information. The option is controlled in the payment and billing methods setup screens.