Bill Farquharson’s Print Sales Tip for the week of September 28, 2015

Bill Farquharson

“Me. I’m the difference maker.”

That is a typical answer to the question, “Why should I buy from you?” and it makes me crazy. If everyone is saying the same thing, how can that be a differentiator? But there is another problem with that comment…

Another way of posing that question is this: “What is your brand?” Companies spend millions of dollars building a marketing campaign around one single message (as a side note, I highly recommend that you watch the YouTube video, “Start With Why” by Simon Sinuk if you are in the process of developing your own company brand).

When you put it that way, that is when you ask the question, “What is your brand?”, then the answer, “Me. I’m the difference maker” makes absolutely no sense.


Who I think you want be is a problem solver. You want to be someone whom others call when they’re stuck in looking for a solution. That brand is earned by constantly peppering prospects and customers with new ideas for improving either what they are doing or what you are doing for them.

Although, for some, this is a natural skill, for most of us, it is the result of years of  learning how to ask quality, open ended questions, noodling the answers, and spitting out a solution or two. That’s what you should focus on in your pursuit of this goal.

That way, the next time someone asks, “Why should I buy from you?” you can respond with a truly different answer.


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Bill Farquharson
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