Bill Farquharson’s Print Sales Tip for the week of September 8, 2015

Bill Farquharson

Price, price, price. That’s all people care about these days!

I absolutely agree…. and you are to blame. Let’s do some forensic investigation and examine what led the customer there:


The sales call you are currently making:

“My name is Bill Farquharson and I am a sales representative. Let me describe a list of my products and services and see if you buy anything on that list. Perhaps I could provide pricing to see if we are a good fit.”

<<Which led to>>

“That sounds great, Bill. Here are a couple of pieces for you to price.”

<<Which led to>>

“I’ve worked up some numbers. How do these look?”

<<Which led to>>

“I’m sorry but your price is too high”

Gee, I can’t imagine why they customer would decide based on price. After all, you certainly gave him reason to buy from you other than cost, right?

Let’s try taking a different path…


“My name is Bill Farquharson and I am a sales representative. From the research that I have done prior to picking up the phone today I have learned something about your company and believe that I can help you to achieve your business goals. Perhaps I could provide some ideas to see if we are a good fit.”

<<Which would lead to>>

“Ideas for improvement are always welcome, Bill. Let me introduce you to someone earlier in the decision-making process.”

<<Now speaking to the Requisitionor>>

“I take the time to learn more about the customers needs and challenges. That is my differentiator. Rather than throw prices at you, I would much rather throw ideas around. Let me ask you some questions to learn more about your situation”

<<Which would lead to>>

“What would you like to know?”


The difference in these two scenarios comes down to one word: Preparation. You can be speaking at a higher level in the food chain and having a much better, more interesting, more productive, and more fun conversation by making a higher quality sales call. This is the single most important skill that you can have.

Without it, you are doomed to forever making the statement, “Price, price, price. That’s all people care about these days!

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Bill Farquharson
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