From Scott Harvey – MyOrderDesk Servicing Team

Those of you who have worked with me, either over the phone or via email, may notice something “different” about the way I sometimes talk.  No… it’s not my Oh-Too-Obvious Michigan accent… It’s my “brand” of humor.

Okay… I’ll confess… I tell Puns.  In fact, I LOVE puns.

Many refer to a pun as “the lowest form of humor”.  In my world, puns are the jokes you have “groan” to love.

A few years back, I made some trips to Austin, TX, where the World Pun Championships are held as a fund-raiser for the O. Henry Museum.  Each year in or around the first weekend in May the World’s Best Punsters meet up and show off their unique talents.  I first participated back in 1991, placed FOURTH in the World in 1992, and won the World Pun Championship in 1993. To me, a pun is a normal part of my conversation. Be it freaky word association or a mental dictionary with a glitch, those who live or work with me know that a pun is always just a few words away.

What is a pun?  A pun is a play on words… For example, one of the very first puns I learned was (ironically) on Sesame Street.  It is on that Multiple Emmy-Award Winning show, where I heard a character named “Harvey Kneeslapper” walk up to people and say “I wanted to be a Doctor, but I didn’t have the PATIENTS”… (with over-emphasis on the word “Patients” to really drive the punch line home).  The fun part of having this “affliction” is that it can be VERY contagious.  More than a couple of my co-workers are now thinking of puns, when a year or so ago it was far from their life’s plans.

As a punster, you get to think about many fun topics, like what would happen if car companies marketed their products to people based upon what they did for a living.  For example, Musicians would drive Tempos, Astronomers would have a Mercury or Saturn, and you would find Photographers with a loaded Camry. During the Vietnam War, Bill Clinton was rumored to have a Dodge, but what is interesting, is that while he DID drive it in rain, he DIDN’T in hail.

So now you know. Now you have an explanation. Now you can be prepared.