Bill Farquharson’s Print Sales Tip for the week of June 29, 2015

Bill Farquharson

Good morning!

Have you got a morning routine?

That phrase is one that is typically associated with the elderly. My folks are in their 90s and follow a morning routine that you’d be wise not to interrupt.

Salespeople should have a morning routine as well, especially those of us who work from home. Contrary to popular belief, we can work harder and put in more hours than if we were commuting to an office. As such, a morning routine gives us a chance to do more than just grab a cup of coffee and head to the desk.

I have been in the workforce now for 33 years and all but 18 months of that have been spent working from an apartment, condo, or house. A while back I started getting into the bad habit of working shortly after getting out of bed. Doesn’t make for a very interesting life. And It wasn’t uncommon for me to still be in a bathrobe at noon time!

One trick I learned was to set the alarm on my iPhone for 7:30 AM and not allow myself to work prior to that. At first, it was very difficult. I love what I do and other than a good cup of coffee, it’s my job that motivates me to take my head off the pillow every morning.

Now, after waking up, I might exercise or read or play my guitar or garden and all of these non—work chores gave me energy, ideas, and overall satisfaction. My morning routine has made me healthier and happier, thus contributing to the quality of the work that I do.

This message probably runs contrary to common sense. Work less and get more done? How can that be correct? Hey, all I can tell you is that it worked for me. Do what I did and try it for a week.

In a future sales tip I will talk to you about the other end of the day and how to stop working. That one is far more difficult!

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