Bill FarquharsonGood morning!

I am feeling the need to circle back on a troubling topic… well, troubling to me anyway…

It has to do with, literally and figuratively, crossing your T’s and dotting your i’s. What I am referring to here is the practice of (tongue-in-cheek) writing good.

I have long believed that the written word is far more powerful than the spoken word. What we say can blow away like the wind, but put it in writing and it not only becomes more permanent but it is also subject to interpretation and, unfortunately, judgment of one’s character.

Have you ever read something and thought to yourself, “What a perfect way to express that thought.” Humorists such as Dave Barry have an extraordinary skill, that of choosing just the right words. Will Rogers was that way, too.

On the other end of the spectrum, however, are the rest of us. Imagine an introductory letter or a company brochure with typos. Even just missing a comma can turn, “Let’s eat, grandma” into “Lets eat grandma.”

We might not believe that it matters, but it matters.

Relying on Siri or other forms of speech recognition software (Such as the one used to write this sales tip) saves time but it also opens up plenty of room for error. Rereading a piece and speaking the words out loud, while time-consuming, is a worthy task when the goal is to sell yourself to a customer or prospect.

Believe me, I make more than my share of errors in this category, so I have plenty of room for improvement myself. Benefiting all of us would be one last look before hitting the “Send” button.


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