What happens when we regularly arrive late to an appointment goes well beyond the inconvenience of cutting into the client’s time. It sends the customer a message.

There is an unintended side effect of making a phone call to a prospect from your noisy car while driving. You are saying more than, “I want your business.”

Or how about using a speakerphone? Or interrupting?

The phrase, “Actions speak louder than words” has a place in sales. What you say to a customer or prospect is important, as is how you say it. That is, the words and medium you choose are critical, but your behavior is a better example of who you are.

We all say, “I will work hard for you” and “People buy from me because of my customer service,” but those are just words.

I once heard a story of a sales rep getting a call from a client after he received his first order. It was 4pm on a Friday and the client called to say he was unhappy with the job and asked when the rep could come in to discuss it. The sales rep replied, “Now” and drove straight to the customer for what was sure to be an ugly meeting. When he walked in to the client’s office, the Buyer looked at his watch and said, “It’s a 30 minute drive to get here. You did it in 25 minutes. That shows me what you think of my business. There was nothing wrong with the job. I just wanted to see if you really were as responsive as you claimed. I am sorry to have misled you. Can we talk about the rest of my work? I want that kind of attention from a vendor and you are my new #1 printer.”

Is that a true story? I don’t know. The point is that we are constantly sending our customers and prospects messages from the non-verbal and subliminal sales actions we take. We are in the time business. We are in the common courtesy business. We are in the don’t be late and don’t use a speakerphone and don’t interrupt business.

Some of the key components of effective sales were taught to you by your parents or grandparents. Hopefully, you were listening.


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