I frequently hear my customers tell me that they don’t know where to look for prospects. They say, “Bill, who EXACTLY should I be calling on?”

That is actually the wrong question to ask.

The step that comes before “who” is “what?”

Let me explain…

If your approach is to look at the company and wonder, “Who does the buying?” don’t be surprised if you end up talking about nothing but price. And don’t call me and complain, “All people want to talk about is price these days.” YOU STARTED IT! YOU lead them there!

Instead, look for “what.” That is, try to figure out WHAT they are doing as a company and what you might have to offer them as a solution. Once you understand that, then you can figure out WHO you want to talk to.

For example, you identify a company as a good prospect. Looking at their website and reading a Press Release, you discover that they are launching a new product line in the spring. That is the “what.” This company needs help communicating the virtues of this new product. Only after discover this piece of information can you determine who to talk to. It might be a product manager or someone in Marketing or perhaps even someone in upper management. Who knows?

But you are likely to have a better outcome using this kind of approach.

Remember, WHAT comes first. WHO comes second.

….or is it “whom?” Nuts. Now I have to reshoot it….

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