MyOrderDesk’s Reporting feature allows you to easily create reports for your customers and your shop.

If you prefer to watch a training video (7:47), you can do so HERE.

Click HERE to see a sample Report.

Below are a few highlights of Reporting:

  • Absolutely zero coding involved
  • Build custom reports for individual customers
  • Customers run their reports at their convenience
  • Absolutely zero coding involved
  • Reports can be viewed on the internet, exported to an CSV (Excel) file, or printed


Building a Report (Overview)

Reports are built under My Account > Reports (Image 1a) and they can be turned on and off at the Group level inside of Users and Groups (Image 2a). Reports are accessed by going to the My Jobs (or History) page, scrolling to the bottom, and clicking “Reports” (Image 3a).

Image (A)



Image (B)



Image (C)



Building a Report (Detailed)

  1. Click on My Account > Reports
  2. Type a report name – this name will be displayed to your customer. We recommend adding the customer’s name for easy management purposes. Then click “Create”.
  3. Turn the Report on and off using the Enable checkbox (Image D below)
  4. Choose one of your Job Forms to base your report off of (Image E). NOTE: After selecting a Job Form, a list of all the fields on that Job Form will appear. We will select them later.
  5. Click to check the box that reads “Restrict report to this order form” (Image F)
  6. Choose a field by which to sort your report (Image G)
  7. Click Save (Image H)R5.png
  8. Choose the columns that you’d like to display on the report. Below we’ve chosen Order ID, Order Sender, Project Name, and Location. When complete, click Save.R6.png
  9. The pull down menus to the right allow you to specify whether or not you’d like to calculate a Count or Sum at the bottom of the report. To see a sample of “Sum” download the sample report at the beginning of this document.
    “Count” – will display how many times the item occurs in the report.

    “Sum” – will display the additional of all the numbers in a single column

    “Both” – will display both the count and the sum at the end of the report

  10. Next, turn on the Report on for whichever groups you’d like inside of Users and Groups (Image B above)
  11. Once you have turned the report on for the desired group, use the “Sign In As…” tool in the right hand corner of your screen to log in as your customer and test the Report.
  12. After logging in as the customer click on the My Jobs (or History) tab, scroll down to the bottom and click on “Reports”. (Image C above)
  13. If everything was set up correctly the report name will appear in the Drop down list. Set any additional parameters and click on “Generate Report”R7.png
  14. If you’d like to build 1 report based off of multiple Job Forms instead of just 1 Job Form, please see the video link at the top of this page.


For additional assistance please start a support ticket or call 866-770-7567.