It is Sunday evening, July 6, and I want to talk with you about a valuable lesson I learned this weekend. It dips into the world of the metaphysical, so hopefully it won’t be too much for some of you.

The tip has to do with the handling of what appears to be bad news. Let’s say you lose your top account or a key employee walks into your office and gives his or her notice. Or perhaps you are eating dinner on the Fourth of July and you suddenly realize that something isn’t right so you go to the Emergency Room and end up spending the entire weekend— including tonight— in the hospital while you undergo tests for some kind of electrical malfunction in your heart.

You have a choice of how to….wait, my best friend put it perfectly in the text to me when she said, “You get to choose every moment, and see it as either a blessing or a curse.”

When bad news hits you, you have every right to pout and feel sorry for yourself, to send out emails and texts complaining to friends and accept their condolences as any victim would. That is the road most traveled.

The other option has to do with what Eckhardt Tollé calls “nonresistance.” That is, instead of fighting it, accept the bad news and see it as a tiny picture in a larger mosaic. Losing a key employee gives you the chance to reshape the character and personality of your team. The loss of one large account could, as has happened to me in the past, result in even more business than you had before. Not everything is as it first seems.

So, get over your shock quickly and accept reality. Through nonresistance, align yourself with the news and suddenly the energy around the situation changes and you are able to move on quicker and with a clear head.

As for me, no need to worry. My Atrial Fibrillation will be controlled by meds and once we find the right combination, I will be be outta here and return home to the love of my daughters, one of whom just sent me a text:

I love you… I will always be there, even to smother you with a pillow when the time comes.


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