Looking for that killer email marketing campaign?

Running out of ideas?

It isn’t easy. After a while, the same old content feels old, overused. If you’ve been pulling ideas and links from the same places for a while, it’s hard to think new content sources. Lucky for you, the best places for you to look are often right under your nose. You just need to know where to find it.

Here are some key things to remember first.

  • Looking to generate leads: use content that is gated by a form
  • Looking to nurture leads: use product centric content like testimonials
  • Looking for brand love: just post relevant content

With that said, here are some suggestions of great places to source your content for email marketing.

  • Top Questions Asked in by Customers – You don’t have to think of all your email content by yourself. Your prospects and customers will be great sources of email content as they ask questions about your, services, or company. Use basic questions asked in a company newsletter. The questions that are asked the most can be turned into an email of its own.
  • Successful Customer Stories – Don’t just feature your customers on your website or through case studies — think about how their work or stories can be featured on an email as well. That doesn’t mean your email should be paragraphs and paragraphs long, but you could try sharing a quick customer tip and linking to their full case study instead.
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Twitter – You can also look at Twitter to see what questions your leads and customers are asking. Many times if they have a question, they won’t necessarily email their contact at your company; they’ll just ask on social media. Not only can you give them a response on social media, but if you see a question appear a couple of times, you will know that you may need to do some more communication around the answer via email.

  • Inspiring Quotes – Some audiences may be interested in inspiring quotes about the printing industry. Since there is constant criticism on whether or not the industry is still viable, it might be good to remind your customer and prospects that you are still around and kicking.  You should also think about emails that may excite your customers. Save quotes emails for light-hearted sends that aren’t used for generating leads but for spreading some goodwill, and your customers could become some of your most engaged advocates.
  • Top Posts on Influencer Blogs – Not every email you send needs to generate leads — so it’s okay to link to content that doesn’t live on your website that you think a segment of your contacts will be interested in. For example, industry or influencer blogs may content they’d love. Look for the most popular posts that have lots of social media shares, then figure out how you can include some of those posts in your email strategy.
  • Partner Content – Have you ever entered into a co-marketing agreement with another company? Co-marketing is a great way to work with another company on promotional efforts. Here’s how it works: Both companies promote a piece of content to each other’s audiences, and then share the results of their promotional efforts with each other.Partnering up with another company like this is a great source of email content. Instead of sending the same old content to your email subscribers, you will have something new and exciting to send that they may not have seen before since you are working with another company.Bonus: While you’re testing out new content with your typical audience, your typical content is getting seen by a new audience through your partner — potentially winning you over some more contacts.

What other ways do you source content for your email marketing?