I was paid a wonderful compliment recently when a coaching client was talking about time management and how, despite the heavy workload, I seemed to fit a lot into my day. She asked me if I had a secret.

I did and I do.

It’s preparation. Simple preparation. You see, I am constantly thinking ahead in an effort to make the most out of my time. Consider, for example, a couple of weeks that are coming up. The Fourth of July is on a Friday this year. Here in the States, that guarantees that we will have, at minimum, a three-day weekend. But what will the work week look like both prior and following that time? It will likely be a rather slow time, what with people ducking out early or extending their weekend or just simply taking vacation time. But through preparation, we can make the most of that time, too.

Consider your current to do list. What tasks are listed that are as Stephen Covey would say, neither urgent nor important. They are there. I promise you. And you should not be doing them during the week of June 9, June 16, or June 23. However, the days right around a major holiday are ideal for getting work done that does not directly affect your sales but is valuable, nonetheless.

Now is the time to think ahead and consider how best to organize your activities so to be as productive as possible. People who make things look easy do so by working hard to make it seem that way. Perhaps that’s why someone who sells $3 million in print doesn’t work as hard and it’s certainly not as stressed as someone who sells $300,000 of print. Their secret, like mine, is preparation.

Think ahead. Plan ahead. Earn your efficiency and productivity.

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