I had a fascinating conversation with a client recently and something that he said is really stuck with me…

You see, he was telling me about the fact that he just left a sales presentation and he got some immediate and exciting feedback from the prospect. The man said to him, “I am very impressed with your approach and your company. I have to be honest, your competition is a bigger company with more capabilities. But there is one key difference between your presentation and theirs: The other rep didn’t ask marketing questions.”

Marketing questions. Hear it again.

My clients competition talked about capabilities and equipment and output and speeds and feeds. My client talked about results. She went beyond the printed piece and ask questions regarding the clients business needs. He asked where customers came from and what they look like and which ones were ideal. He didn’t just talk about partnering. He sold the prospect on the idea that he was interested in being the vendor of choice but was more interested in the client’s success.

Who do you think is going to get the business?

The funny thing is that this client is not necessarily a marketing guru. To the best of my knowledge he’s never been a chief marketing officer somewhere. What he does understand, however, is business. He gets the client can only grow by adding customers, selling more to existing customers, or going into new markets. He doesn’t necessarily have the answers but he knows the questions to ask. And he knows enough to ask marketing questions.

Talk about a differentiator!

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