You are at a networking event and you recognize a customer amongst a small group of executives. You approach and are greeted by your friend who quickly introduces you to the other three members of the group. The conversation goes like this:

“Bill, I’d like you to meet Laney, Kyle, and Christine. Bill is a sales consultant and trainer. In fact, I think he could do wonders for you and your company.”

The floor is now yours to build on that statement and get some additional business. However, there is a problem…

You cannot remember a single one of those three name you just heard.

Can you, right now?

Stop for a second and try. What were the three names I just gave you? Do you recall even one of them? It was less than 30 seconds ago.

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It was Laney, Kyle, and Christine.

Remembering names is such a gift and I am envious of the people who have that kind of short-term memory. I, like many of you, suck at it. It’s so frustrating.

What I have learned to do is this:
First, get yourself in “learning mode.” That is, mentally prepare to recall the information.
Second, repeat the name back to the person you are meeting as you are shaking hands. Now you have heard it twice. That should double your odds.
Then, say it a third time within 30 seconds. Like this, “Laney, tell me more about your company” and while you are listening to the answer, repeat the name in your head.

Finally, either on their business card or a piece of paper once you get around the corner, write down the details of the conversation. This forms “mental links” to their name and further solidifies the memory.

It’s a skill, but it’s also a muscle group, and like all muscle groups, it needs constant exercising. That’s what a friend once told me. His name was…..Um…..dang!

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