* Infographic Source: HubSpot

  1. The top factor driving purchasing decision (56%) is product quality.
  2. The most important store features driving purchasing decision (80%) is competitive pricing.
  3. 62% of buyers research big-ticket items in-shop before buying online.
  4. 9 out of 10 users say they watch videos about the products they may buy.
  5. The most shopped for item on smartphones is electronics (64%).
  6. 54% of buyers are smartphone owners.
  7. 76% of those who own smartphones use them while researching.
  8. 50% of consumers use smartphones while shopping to check prices, promotions, product reviews, or product information.
  9. 81% say posts from their friends directly influenced their purchasing decision.
  10. 44% of people are most likely to engaged with branded content that contains pictures.
  11. 40% of people are most likely to engage with branded content that contains videos.

How do these statistics influence your selling strategy?