If you are in print sales, you have to close. Simple as that. If you can’t close, you don’t sell.

Here are the classic tips for closing the sale. Worth remembering:

  1. Customers buy after they talk with you and have discussed their needs. Sales materials are just conversation starters. Followup promptly with email.
  2. Make sure you are talking to the person who makes the decision on print purchasing.
  3. Discuss the issue the customer has and don’t raise others, unless the issue is essential to the purchase.
  4. Ask for the order when the client is ready. Don’t close too soon.
  5. Don’t wait too long to close. There’s a natural point in a sales conversation where it’s time to ask for the order. If you go beyond that point, you’ll raise issues that didn’t exist before.
  6. Shut up and close. Customers sometimes signal that they’re ready to buy right now. Stop selling and take the order.
  7. Close and then shut up. When a customer buys, it’s a mistake to continue to talk about your product or services. Take the order.