Have you ever had the “Bully Customer?”

The Bully Customer is just what the name suggests, a client who believes the best way to get what he or she wants is by pushing you around and making demands. Their style and personality are rude and they are as abrasive as #5 sand paper.

The problem is, there is a lot of business at stake here.

If you’ve ever studied DiSC personality testing, you know that the “D” stands for Dominant. These are people who, at the extreme level, our bullies but are typically just aggressive and commanding. The best way to deal with this type is to be direct, clear, and concise. In addition, don’t blink and don’t back down. Dominants are testers. They will push people whom they know are pushable. In the sales world, that goes for price, service, and delivery times.

To be clear, at no time is it acceptable for a client to be rude to you and at no time and under no circumstances should you allow it. If you are being bullied by a customer and you make the conscious decision to continue to work with the client, you need to summon every ounce of your selling skills, finesse, and patience to rectify the situation.

With style and grace, work with this customer to first point out the issue, i.e.: “We’ve got a problem that I’d like to discuss with you. I want to find a better way for us to communicate. I hear some frustration in your voice when we talk and I want to make sure that I am providing you with the top level of service. What information do you need from me and how best can I provide it to you?”

Without making accusations or being confrontational, you should be able to at least level the playing field and help this unconscious individual to a better place, something that will help you both.

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