Printing companies are looking for, and finding, a whole new layer of talent. On the surface, they look a lot like everyone else in an office, and they aren’t known to be leaders. In fact, these key players may not be posting top results on their own, but they are boosting performance across the organization.

They’re the influencers. Influencers are part of a printshops underground world and can make contact with others in a positive way. According to The Wall Street Journal, these are the traits of an influencer.

  • They are outgoing, extroverted and exuberant but also good self-monitors.
  • They’re empathetic, approachable and able to sympathize.
  • They’re accessible. They are fully present and welcoming.
  • They are energizing. Fellow employees feel invigorated by them.
  • And they are optimistic. They focus on solutions, not what can’t work.

Some academics think emphasizing their effect could lead owners astray, but many companies are embracing the idea of influencers.

One company wanted to ease the staff into a new technology platform in offices around the country. They flew in 30 influencers and gave them communication training and insight into the project so they could field workers questions and build a positive buzz.

In another case, two companies were about to merge. Their influencers were coached on the benefits of the merger and helped the company avoid an “upheaval” when it went into effect. What’s more, the program didn’t cost the company anything.

Not everyone has the personality of an influencer, but we could be more satisfied with our work relationships if we adopted a more positive attitude and were more approachable.