Branded Sites by MyOrderDesk Web-to-PrintIncreasing sales is the number one goal of many small to mid-size printing companies in 2014. As the competition increases, and customers demand more, finding a way to become a differentiator in the marketplace will be key. Print Service Providers need to use effective tools that will help build a bridge to their clients biggest challenges.

Branded sites from MyOrderDesk is the tool that many printers successfully use to engage and retain some of their best customers. By providing clients with custom, branded portals, PSPs can create sites with specialized order forms, proofing tools and approval systems that will make it difficult for them to look elsewhere.

Some of the benefits are:

  1. Can be used as an excellent sales tool in client meeting to illustrate the effectives of print shop capabilities.
  2. Creates customer loyalty and makes it VERY difficult to leave.
    (See case study )
  3. Site can be as simple or complex as required
  4. Sites can be stand alone or embedded into an existing site.

For additional information on how you can utilize branded sites in your workflow, contact PagePath at 866-770-7561 or