What is the goal of the first sales appointment?

Most answers have to do with gathering information or talking to the client about your goods and services. But here’s a different take on the question: The goal of the first appointment is to get a second appointment.

Think about it. What are the odds that you are going to walk out on the first meeting with a signed Purchased Order? Exactly. So, that eliminates the answer, “To secure a job.” And while learning about the client and talking about what you have to offer are important, those are just stepping stones in the process. Currently, you are standing on the first stone and without a next place to go to, it’s Game Over.

After shaking hands, you sit and make small talk. Your eyes scan the room, looking for clues and information. A few minutes of rapport building, and you are ready to begin.

In the room with you, other than the customer or customers and anyone that you may have brought with you, is a certain expectation: You are there to sell and you hope that they will buy.

But what if you eliminated that expectation simply by saying, “My goal today is to find a reason to return. If this meeting has gone well and I leave with an appointment to come back, it means that I have said something that is of interest to you is that you have something is of interest to me. That is what I am hoping for.”

That statement takes the pressure out of the room and puts the focus back on the client’s needs, where it belongs. Unless you are incredibly lucky, you won’t be walking out of that room with an order. So, walking out of that room with a reason to return is a good substitute.

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