web-to-printRecently, NAPL released a white paper study on Web-to-Print. Seventy companies that have Web-to-Print Storefronts were surveyed in this document. NAPL says, “On the surface, the numbers are very encouraging. Companies reporting that Web-to-Print has increased sales outnumber those reporting that it hasn’t by nearly three-to-one, over two-thirds report Web-to-Print has streamlined workflow, and nearly half report that it has enhanced the company image.”

The chart below illustrates the effect that Web-to-Print has had on the sales of the surveyed companies. PagePath has extensively surveyed customers and prospects over the last year on the biggest challenge they are facing. Over 90% of respondents indicated that increasing sales was their number one concern. Fifty-eight percent indicated that Web-to-Print has increased their sales. These numbers definitely warrant taking a look at a Web-to-Print Storefont.

W2P Sales

Increasing sales is key to the growth of any printing company, but if the sales are not profitable, the business cannot flourish. Almost 57 percent of those surveyed reported increased profitability directly attributed to Web-to-Print Storefronts.  The major benefits included:

  • automation
  • efficiency
  • streamline of workflow
  • making it difficult for customers to leave
  • enhancing company image

W2P Profitability

W2P Benefits

The report also stated there are challenges to implementing a Web-to-Print Storefront, but if you partner with the right solution, as well as train the right staff within your company, you can show major success for your business.