NAPL, the National Association for Printing Leadership recently released a report on the effectiveness of Web-to-Print. The latest research published in, “Web to Print: the Promise, the Potential, and the Reality,”  NAPL found vastly different levels of satisfaction among Web-to-Print users.

There are both positive and negative statistics that have been drawn from the study. Here are some of the positives:

  • More than half of those surveyed said web to print has increased sales
  • Two thirds said it has streamlined their production workflows
  • 56% said it increased productivity

On the less positive side:

  • 69% reported not enough customers are using it
  • More than 80% reported that it has not met their expectations
  • A large percentage said that it was falling short in terms of features customers access

Some of the challenges were:

  • Web-to-Print can be very expensive to create and then the customer may not use it
  • The tendency to only use a handful of the features – for example while automated job ticket creation, job scheduling, job tracking, shipping, and billing are available they are often unused
  • Upgrades and keeping various software communicating properly
  • It doesn’t integrate with our MIS as promised

While the report does show both positive and negative aspects of web-to-print, a recent webinar by NAPL also featured two companies that have had success. The biggest avenues to success (an we agree wholeheartedly based on our case studies), was:

  • Getting the buy-in from both internal staff and external customers
  • Ongoing commitment to continuously encourage salespeople, customer service staff, and their customers to use the technology
  • We added having the right staff members trained thoroughly on benefits, use and implementation

We would be interested in your insights and opinions on web-to-print.

  • How has it worked for you?
  • What are the benefits?
  • What are the challenges?