Last week, I encouraged you not to give into the, “No one wants to hear from me in December” assumption. There is a 50-50 chance that you will hear the customer tell you to call after the Holidays. As promised, here’s how you handle that one:

Step one: Make one more effort to gain an appointment (I just hate giving in to an objection without at least a little fight). Say something to the customer like, “This being a quieter time of year, I was thinking it might be the perfect time for us to get together.”

Step two: If that doesn’t work, set a time to talk in the new year. Say something like, “I understand. Looking at the calendar, the first real business day of January is Monday the sixth. How about I give you that day to recover and we meet on the seventh at 930 in the morning.”

If you get a yes, terrific. If not….

Step three: if the client still won’t agree to an appointment, acquiesce and say something like, “Okay, how about if I call you on the morning of the seventh to set up a time to talk?” He or she will likely agree to this simply to get you off the phone.

Next, put a note in the mail (handwritten), thanking the customer for his or her time, wishing him or her Happy Holidays, and promising to call the morning of the seventh.

Step four: Send another handwritten note and time it to arrive either the second or third of January. This note reads, “I hope you enjoyed your holidays. As discussed, I will call you the morning of the seventh so that we can set up an appointment.”

What you have done is to make an appointment to make an appointment. They have long since forgotten the conversation and you have turned it into a promise.

After that, it’s just a matter of following up and making that phone call on the morning of 7 January. Point out in your message, if you get voicemail, that you were “scheduled” to set up an appointment and then stay diligent.

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