Web2Print with MyOrderDeskThe following items have been updated or released to the MyOrderDesk Web-to-Print solution.

  • Added the ability to change printshop customer’s password
  • Shops can now create Branded Sites without interaction with MyOrderDesk support
  • Ability to restrict ordering of an inventory item that is out of stock
  • Support for drag and drop file upload and multiple file upload capability
  • New tool for uploading user lists to site and to groups
  • Ability to hide various DocMart attributes
  • Browsing of the File Library by an end users
  • New Advanced Auto-Fill Script Builder Tool
  • *New* ┬áLive Q&A session with MyOrderDesk Techs on Tuesday and Thursdays
  • Advanced ezMerge
    • Optimized live preview for both Landscape and Portrait layouts
    • Images groups can be assigned a name
    • Fonts now support an alias
    • New optimized interface
    • Ability to assign text tags to ezMerge Images
  • What’s New feed added to the Site Administrators landing page

If you have any questions about the Release Notes, or would like more information about MyOrderDesk, call us at 630-689-4119.